Process Development

At Bepex, we understand the resources our customers need to invest in order to bring an industrial process system to life. That’s why our Process Development Center provides everything you need to take your concept from an initial idea and create a process system that is guaranteed to get the job done. Whether you are starting from scratch, looking to incorporate a new process step into an existing system, or optimize your current operation, we offer everything you need to meet your material requirements.

Our fully equipped facility in Minneapolis, MN, is capable of running bench-scale tests and full pilot-scale processing system trials. Data collection is completed throughout the process, as well as product evaluation in one of our 3 analytical labs. We use data and your feedback to adjust operating conditions in real-time to maximize results. We don’t have what you need? No problem; our 2 chemical/general purpose testing bays, and our food-grade testing bay, can be modified to incorporate additional equipment and testing procedures tailored to your specific requirements.

Image of a process engineer working in our Process Development Center.
When you make Bepex your process development partner you have the option to use our experience to conduct one or more of the following evaluation steps:

  • Bench Testing: Our engineers review a small sample of material for initial feasibility
  • Pilot-Scale Testing: We run representative trials on any of our customizable systems
  • Scale-Up: We use our process experience and pilot-scale test results to size a guaranteed industrial process system that meets all of your operational requirements
  • Commercial Evaluation: after scale-up our mechanical and chemical engineering groups can provide a complete offering for CAPEX and OPEX evaluation
  • Custom Process Definition: when your customers need proof too, we can produce product samples in a continuous process for market evaluation
Image of a professional engineer working in our Process Development Center.
Innovation is at the forefront of our values, and the Process Development Center provides the perfect sandbox to create the system you need. Even if your process needs evolve, our comprehensive aftermarket services will help ensure that your equipment is best suited for the task at hand. Our commitment to you comes in the form of our process guarantee: we stand behind our process system design, and our customers know that we work to make sure you produce the value you expect.

Contact us today to start developing a custom process system!