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We understand the resources our customers need to invest in order to bring an industrial process system to life. That’s why our Process Development Center provides everything you need to take your concept from an initial idea to scaled commercial production that is guaranteed to get the job done. Our specialty has been in the custom development of a continuous process system, working together with our customers to develop a process, product, or both. With multiple levels of testing available to meet you where you are in your process, we are able to jump in and help transform your developed product into a continuous process system.

Our Approach to Process Development

Whether starting with an idea for a product or investigating improvements to an existing process, we’ll start with a bench study to determine the feasibility of performing your requested operation. Using as little as 100 grams of a representative material, we can analyze and begin early process design, working towards a pilot-scale test to provide proof of concept and scalable data.

Following a successful bench study, we begin designing a continuous process system to test in our Process Development Center. This pilot-scale test provides our customers proof of a working continuous process, material for analysis or market studies, and a process guarantee ensuring the commercial system we provide will perform as promised. During this stage, Bepex application engineers collect the information they need to accurately scale and size our equipment to meet your production needs.

Once your system is ordered, we begin detailing out each and every component, custom designing everything to match your application and quality specifications. Once installed, our team of field service technicians, controls engineers, and application engineers come on-site to provide start-up assistance, working to get your new process system up and performing as expected as quickly as possible.

At this point, you’re up and running at rate producing quality product, but our process doesn’t stop there. Following commissioning, Bepex remains a reliable partner, providing quality OEM parts, immediate field service, process optimization, training, system troubleshooting, and more. We have consistently had high customer retention rates, and we believe it is due in large part to our comprehensive approach to serving our customers long after the original sale.

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Bepex works each and every day to provide the highest level of service to our customers. The services we offer have been developed and refined based on the feedback from some of our highest performing customers. At the end of the day, what matters the most to Bepex is the success of our customers.

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