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Our 25,000 FT² Process Development Center serves as a facility to test and prove out equipment, system, and process design. We have at our disposal all Bepex proprietary process equipment and a library of over one-hundred complimentary components necessary to simulate entire continuous process systems. Our trained team members bring to the table both a practical and theoretical understanding of bulk solid processing and design.

The Bepex Process Development Center is divided into three multi-level testing bays to meet unique customer needs. One bay is designed for sanitary-based applications. Another is designed for handling most solvents and hazardous dust. By segmenting our facility, we are able to provide and maintain security, integrity, and confidentiality of your process in development, materials, and testing experience.


Due to the large portfolio of industries and applications in which our customers operate, our Process Development Center is committed to handling a range of unique customer requirements.


All Bepex proprietary technologies are available for testing at a moment’s notice. With multiples of each of our Thermal, Size Reduction, and Agglomeration products, we are able to offer a variety of options in designing your process system.


Each testing bay is equipped with the utilities demanded to simulate a process system, including steam, thermal oil, cold/hot water, chilled glycol, nitrogen, and compressed air.


Our Process Development Center is staffed by experienced technicians, engineers, product development experts, chemists, welders, mechanics, and more. Though each team member serves a different role, our goal remains the same: provide a high-quality comprehensive approach to product and process development.


Our auxiliary equipment library consists of various components necessary for material handling, including baghouses/filter collectors, system fans, screener separators, feeders, pumps, condensers, scrubbers, heat exchangers, and more.


Multiple onsite analytical laboratories provide real-time feedback to inform development. Equipment and processes available include laser diffraction particle size analysis, infrared moisture balance, vacuum oven, Karl Fischer titration, RVA, TGA, DSC, and colorimetric analysis to name a few.

Machine Shop

Our onsite machine shop staffed by experienced welders, maintenance and facility mechanics provides the vital service of keeping our equipment and facility in top working order. When a custom component is needed to fit a new setup, our shop can design and manufacture the component in hours, rather than waiting days for an outside shop.


Our Process Development Center serves as our sandbox, where we design, test, recreate, and simulate fully continuous process systems. We have programs in place at varying levels of product and process development to assist our customers in getting to market.


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