Parts & Service

In today’s competitive global environment, we understand that reliability and performance are paramount to your success. That’s why we offer an innovative approach to process innovation. The Bepex Parts and Service team is committed to ensuring our systems continue to perform as specified and we work with our customers to meet your evolving needs around the world.

Image of a Bepex process engineer.

During our process development phase, Bepex parts are designed, engineered and built to exacting specifications to meet the wide ranging needs of our customer base. We have an extensive background in the designing, manufacturing and operation of various industrial process systems. Our Parts & Service group leverages this experience to provide replacement components and process optimizations specific for your plant needs.

Bepex’s Mechanical and Process Field Service Department is comprised of experienced, factory trained engineers and technicians. The individuals in this group have all had the opportunity to test, design, install and operate our broad range of industrial process equipment. As a result, Bepex can provide an unparalleled level of expertise for on-site repair, parts installation, and existing process improvement.

To schedule or inquire about our Mechanical Field Services please contact our Parts and Service Department at 612-331-4370.

Parts and Services includes:

  • Field-service technicians
  • Onsite equipment repair and parts installation
  • Engineered replacement parts
  • Machine reconditioning and refurbishments
  • Mechanical and operational troubleshooting
  • Process optimization and retuning
  • Maintenance and Operational Training Seminars

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