Bepex International has roots dating back to the early 1900s with companies such as Strong-Scott, Komarek Greaves and Rietz Manufacturing. Strong Scott operated in Minneapolis, MN and focused on thermal and mixing process technologies. Komarek Greaves was based in Chicago and was well known for their roll briquetting machinery used in the coal industry. Rietz Manufacturing with headquarters in Santa Rosa, California specialized in the design and production of size reduction equipment for the food processing industry.

Seeing an opportunity to combine these complimentary technologies Berwind Corporation acquired all three brands and introduced the new line of industrial process technologies as Bepex in the 1970s.  Strong growth continued throughout the 1980s as Bepex began to supply industrial processing equipment for the PET markets. Pilot scale testing for the food, mineral and chemical processing markets continued to be accomplished in the Minneapolis, MN based Process Development Center. As the demand for this facility continued, the systems and application engineering groups also grew in number.

In 1993 the Bepex Corporation was acquired by Hosokawa Micron Group which held the company until 2004. At this time a group of senior management personnel active in the day to day operations of the company decided to pursue continued growth and an enriched process technology offering based on the needs of our customers by buying the company and transforming the brand into Bepex International LLC. Today Bepex has become a global leader in the development of custom industrial process systems and we believe our continued commitment to help customers realize their potential will provide significant opportunities in the future.