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Bepex has been supplying processes into industrial lithium plants since the early 1990s. Whether in production of greases, ceramics, metals, or more recently Li-Ion batteries, our products have served a vital role in increasing processing efficiency and product quality. Over the past 25 years, we have provided large mixers, roll compactors for granulation, air classifying mills for fine grinding to a powder, and more recently flash dispersion dryers to dry high-moisture wet cakes to a powder.

With the rise in popularity of high-purity lithium for use in Li-Ion batteries, Bepex has begun providing specialized process systems, including specialty wear-resistant fine grinding mills, flash dispersion dryers for drying difficult to handle wet cakes following a filter press, and granulation for various industrial applications or for easier transportation.


Lithium Carbonate

Processes designed to flash dry wet cake from a filter press using our PCX Dryer, fine grind to an average of 3-4 micron using our Pulvocron, and granulate for other industrial applications using our Roll Compactor.

Lithium Hydroxide

Processes to dry battery grade lithium hydroxide using our Fluid Bed dryer, providing gentle extended residence time drying with precise temperature control.


Don’t see your material above? Don’t worry. Bepex has processed, tested, analyzed, and worked with over 5,000 different materials. Our specialty is developing a custom continuous process system to best meet your material, production needs, and quality requirements. Learn more about some of our common processes below.

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