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Growing global demand for food has urged growth in the processes that support food production. A greater focus has been placed on the efficacy and efficiency of fertilizer and nutrient intake. Innovations in blending and formulation have provided increased resilience to external or environmental threats. Though the formulations may have changed, Bepex technology has continued to provide a strong base in the production of granular fertilizers.

Whether in the production of traditional slow-release fertilizer or in highly dispersible granules, Bepex has long served as a valued partner to the largest global producers. Our roll compaction technology offers an optimal solution for providing strong, densified granules which resist breakage in packaging and provides long dissolution times for controlled release after application. Our wet agglomeration systems produce smaller granules designed for quick dissolution when wetted, for use in spray applications.


Slow Release Fertilizers

Systems to compact and granulate various blends into a consistently sized granule for slow-release application using our Roll Compactor

Quick Release Fertilizers

Wet granulation systems to consistently grow particles using a liquid binder for quicker dispersion when wetted.


Don’t see your material above? Don’t worry. Bepex has processed, tested, analyzed, and worked with over 5,000 different materials. Our specialty is developing a custom continuous process system to best meet your material, production needs, and quality requirements. Learn more about some of our common processes below.

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