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Meat & Seafood


Our history within the meat, poultry, and seafood industry has largely been in the initial or intermediate steps of a continuous process system. Our Extructor will often be found at the starting point of a pet food application, breaking down large blocks of frozen meats before further grinding or cooking. Our pressure-cooking operation may follow this grinding step, working to cook the ground meat and other ingredients before drying. These operations often have one main goal: increasing process efficiency.


Block Grinding

Our Extructor grinds or pre-breaks large blocks of frozen meat, poultry, or seafood. Low-speed high-torque operation minimizes heat input while providing the power required to grind large blocks down to a nominal 1″ particle size.

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Our Continuator indirect paddle or ribbon dryer has been used as a batch or continuous pressure cooker to condition meat slurries ahead of dehydration or spray drying.

Coarse Grinding

We’ve long used both our RP Disintegrator and RD Disintegrator in both wet and dry rendering processes to further grind pastes, slurries, and dry materials.


Don’t see your material above? Don’t worry. Bepex has processed, tested, analyzed, and worked with over 5,000 different materials. Our specialty is developing a custom continuous process system to best meet your material, production needs, and quality requirements. Learn more about some of our common meat industry processes by clicking on the links below.

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