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Animal Nutrition


In recent years, an even greater focus has been given to animal and livestock nutrition. Whether it’s a specialty coating to delay nutrient breakdown, a special blend to promote gut health and lower morbidity, or simply producing a clean, high-quality end product for our pets. Bepex has seen recent growth in the design of these products and has met it with our own process innovation. We have long partnered with the leading feed manufacturers to develop specialized continuous systems to improve their end product.



Amino Acids

Bepex has decades of experience designing systems to process many of the ten limiting amino acids, including lysine, methionine, and threonine. Our most common operations include fine milling, drying, granulating, and extruding.

Trace Minerals

We’ve recently become more involved in processing a variety of trace minerals, including zinc, copper, cobalt and manganese. Our most common operations in trace mineral production are thermal reacting and drying.


Don’t see your material above? Don’t worry. Bepex has processed, tested, analyzed, and worked with over 5,000 different materials. Our specialty is developing a custom continuous process system to best meet your material, production needs, and quality requirements. Learn more about some of our common food industry processes by clicking on the links below.

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