Image of mining equipment in use.

Mineral Processing Equipment & Systems

Bepex began supplying mineral processing equipment by manufacturing coal briquetters in the 1920s. We evolved into developing custom compaction systems for the potash industry in the 1950s as well as chlorides in the 1960s for use in home water softeners.

Bepex has now established itself as an industry leading mineral processing equipment manufacturer. We have the ability to recognize the need for enhanced material performance and meet these requirements by supplying process-specific equipment. Our extensive industry knowledge has allowed us to develop mineral processing systems that are admired worldwide for their reliable design and constant commitment to innovation.

In more recent years we saw an opportunity to develop a new line of drying technology to efficiently process the carbonate needed for lithium batteries used in many consumer electronics. Most often lithium processing requires milling or size reduction, prior to drying and agglomeration to finish the material process. This multi-unit industrial process equipment design put Bepex in a unique position to supply a solution for this evolving marketplace.

Our Process Development Center located in Minneapolis, MN is set up for the refinement and development of all materials processed by the mining industry. Our team of factory trained engineers and technicians are also available for onsite aftermarket services in order to tailor a process system to your desired results. From small bench scale analysis up to full scale continuous system production Bepex can assist our customers by designing mineral processing equipment that addresses both current and future needs.

Image of industrial mining equipment in action.

Learn more about some of the different minerals we have developed processing systems for: