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Bepex has developed a continuous operation to decarboxylate hemp prior to oil extraction. Whether starting with freshly harvested material or pre-dried hemp in powder or pellet form, our decarboxylation system will output a near bone-dry decarboxylated solid for input into your extraction system, whether using solvent or CO2 methods.


  • Able to dry and decarboxylate simultaneously if starting with freshly harvested material
  • Output is a near bone-dry and activated product, meaning no dealing with water during your extraction step
  • Controlled inert environment protects cannabinoids from degradation
  • Liquid recovery system captures any low-boiling compounds, including terpenes, for collection and usage without going to waste
  • Complimentary process equipment and components for up or downstream, including mills, presses, mixers, and more.

Material, whether freshly harvested or pre-dried is continuously metered into the inlet of the Solidaire paddle dryer. The paddles on the rotor help convey material into a thin layer along the heated vessel wall, resulting in rapid and consistent heat transfer. As material is heated the evaporated moisture is picked up and carried away by a heated counter-current inert gas stream. The evaporated moisture and gas pass through a condenser, where any low-boiling compounds are collected. Once material is sufficiently dried and activated, it is discharged for collection, or into a second Solidaire cooler to stop the reaction.

Our Products

Bepex products to dry, decarboxylate, mill, and mix hemp or hemp-derived products. Bepex holds a hemp processing license in the state of Minnesota, making all of our products available to test in our Process Development Center. Click on a product to learn more.


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