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Frozen Meat Block Grinding

The Bepex (Rietz®) Extructor is a large block grinder, or pre-breaker, used to break down frozen blocks of meat. Often found at the front of a pet food processing line, our Extructor breaks down the frozen blocks using low-speed high-torque operation. Typical capacities range anywhere from 2 TPH to 20 TPH, depending on block temperature and desired particle size. Whether reducing blocks ahead of a secondary grinder or cooker, the Extructor provides reliable operation and consistent product quality.


Extructor Block Grinder

The Bepex Extructor has long served as the reliable standard in breaking down frozen blocks of meat, fat, and trimmings. Originally designed and sold by Rietz Equipment, the Extructor has been the industry standard for breaking down frozen blocks for over 70 years.

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