Food Processing Equipment & Systems

Image of food processing equipment in use. Bepex has designed reliable food processing equipment for decades. Some of our earliest technology developments originate from the requirements in high volume grape processing of the California wine industry. Today we have become an industry leading food processing equipment manufacturer offering a wide variety of industrial processing equipment and systems that operate both efficiently and effectively. We work with our customers to match the right technology with their needs for sanitary food processing.

In addition to our technology we also offer a Process Development Center where customers can test, develop or manufacture their products using a wide variety of food processing equipment and systems under food safe protocols. Our facility is open to auditing by our customers’ quality teams prior to testing. Our lab is ideal for small-scale production for market testing and initial entry quantities. Whether your application calls for custom bench studies and product micro-analysis, or custom processing of production lots ranging from 1 to 100,000 pounds, our development center can meet your needs. Our services don’t end after product installation either, as our team of process engineers is always available to provide aftermarket services in order to optimize your process equipment.

Bepex has designed industrial food processing equipment for applications such as:

Image of food processing equipment in use. food processing equipment