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Cottage Cheese

Process System

Bepex cottage cheese processing equipment offers a comprehensive integrated system for producing the highest quality cottage cheese. Our system capability includes food processing equipment combined with over 30 years of proven cottage cheese process engineering experience. The result is a continuous, enclosed stainless steel cottage cheese system that is highly productive and efficient while ensuring consistent product quality.


  • Matched-capacity components for efficient production scheduling
  • Complete automation minimizes labor requirements
  • Better control over moisture and solids
  • More uniform curd for less shattering and loss of fines
  • Enclosed system reduces risk of contamination
  • Ideal for CO2 addition to increase product shelf life

The system increases plant capacity and yield, typically at 3 times the current production rate because cheese curd moves faster through our system, offers reduced downtime due to faster resetting of vats, and provides superior fines recovery. Due to precise control, food processing engineers can increase the proportion of cream dressing which provides a cost-effective way of increasing yield. The system’s effective reclaiming and circulation of water reduces water requirements by up to 90% as compared to conventional vat processing. That means lower sewer and BOD loadings, and lower energy requirements.

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