Chemical Process Equipment & Systems

Image of a large scale chemical plant with various chemical processing systems.

The chemical processing industry has experienced rapid growth and Bepex has been there every step of the way. Bepex has been designing innovative chemical process equipment since developing the first continuous solid state polymer system in the 1960’s.

Today we offer a wide variety of single-unit chemical process equipment systems for particle size reduction, drying, blending and cooling. We work with our customers to match the right technology with their needs for a wide range of chemical applications. With our deep understanding of the industry and the technologies being used, our chemical processing experience is unmatched.

In addition to our technology we also offer a Process Development Center where customers can test, develop or manufacture their products using a variety of industrial process equipments under controlled conditions. We also have a team of process engineers that offer top of the line aftermarket services when a customers’ process equipment needs onsite optimization. This process allows us to partner with our customers in developing the right chemical processing equipment on a small scale, and guaranteeing that process upon commissioning. Our lab is ideal for small-scale production for market testing and initial entry quantities. Whether your application calls for custom bench studies or custom processing of production lots ranging from 1 to 100,000 pounds, our Process Development Center can meet your needs.

Bepex has designed chemical processing equipment for applications such as:

Image of a chemical processing system.