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Cheese Block Grinding

Processed cheese comes in a variety of forms and often consist of a blend of natural cheeses, flavoring, and stabilizing ingredients. Often times the raw cheeses are packaged as blocks, wheels, or drums. To more efficiently melt and homogenize the cheese, the bulky materials need to be ground or reduced to increase material surface area.

Our cheese Extructor specializes in reducing large blocks, wheels, or drums of natural and processed cheeses to a suitable particle size for rapid melting. The low-speed rotor draws in material and breaks it down without heat input which could prematurely melt the cheese. Typical output size ranges from 1/4″ to 1/2″ diameter extrudates which are conveyed to downstream blending and cooking steps.


  • Able to process a range of block sizes, from a standard 40-pound block up to a 500-pound drum
  • Variety of orifice plates available to control final particle size ahead of your cooking/blending step
  • Heavy-duty hygienic design for use in USDA/FDA inspected facilities
  • Low operating speed reduces heat input and produces low noise levels while increasing mechanical component life, including seals and bearings
  • Sanitary finish and quick access to internals provide easy cleaning

Usually the first step in a processed cheese line, we understand how critical consistent operation and mechanical reliability are to our customers. The low-speed design minimizes component wear and extends bearing and seal life. The cantilevered rotor and isolated bearings eliminate contamination in these high-tolerance rotating components.

Final capacities will vary based on many factors, including the type of cheese, moisture, and final particle size. Bepex has decades of experience designing Cheese Extructors to match their specific applications. With typical capacities of up to 30,000 lbs/hr, we have a solution to fit your need. Rely on our experience and reliability to start out your processed or grated cheese line.

Our Products

Bepex products to grind natural or processed cheeses includes our Extructor for block grinding or our RP Disintegrator for grinding hard cheeses to a grated consistency. Click on the products to learn more.

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