RH Disintegrator Machine

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RH Disintegrator Machine

Image of the Bepex RH Disintegrator Machine. The RH disintegrator machine circulates and disperses mixtures, eliminates lumps and creates a suspension or emulsion simultaneously.

  • Designed for high-intensity mixing and grinding in homogenization applications
  • All stainless steel product-contact parts for sanitary processing
  • Tri-clover fittings and ACME threads simplify maintenance and cleaning

The RH Disintegrators can be operated in a continuous mode for mixing of liquid and easy-to-wet powder streams, or in a batch mode with recirculation for more intense mixing and other difficult applications. The two residence time options enable Bepex to design a system for complete dissolution of the ingredients in your mixture.

RH Disintegrators are one of several size reduction technologies we employ to develop industrial process systems that meet your requirements. At Bepex, we are committed to developing the best size reduction equipment using the right technology. Between our proven industrial process equipment and decades of experience serving the industry, we are able to design a disintegrator machine that is right for you.

Image of materials that are disintegrated.