Image of the FlexTurbulizer Mixer AgglomeratorMixer Agglomerator

The Bepex FlexTurbulizer bridges the gap between high-shear agglomeration and the need for self-cleaning mixing operation. Using a consistently flexible mixing chamber this technology can process materials that would otherwise build-up in wet agglomeration processes. Our proven FlexTurb agglomeration technology introduces enough energy into the material to create a strong, stable product that can’t be achieved in existing self-cleaning agglomeration equipment. By adjusting the liquid addition rate and rotor speed, particle size is controlled to meet custom requirements for density and particle size distribution specifications.

The FlexTurb is completely sealed for dust tight operation and is assembled on a common base structure. Materials of construction are application specific. The FxT is supplied as part of a complete agglomeration system. In addition, it can be retrofitted into an existing installation or applied as a stand-alone mixer.

The unique design of the FlexTurb mixer agglomerator yields several operational advantages including:

  • Liquid delivery system designed to insure uniform distribution without fouling
  • Inherent interaction between material and the flexible mixing chamber results in rounded particles
  • High shear and controlled retention creates stronger more dense particles up to 3mm
  • Self-cleaning chamber results in less wear, constant power draw and consistent granule quality
  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance with a simple to remove mixing chamber

The FlexTurb is used in a variety of applications many that are considered difficult or even impossible with existing technology. Typical applications include:

  • Clay Material for absorbents, such as Cat litter
  • Detergents and related ingredients
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Dyes and Pigments
  • Tablet ready granulation
  • Particle coating