Image of the Bepex Flex-O-Mix machine.

Wet Mixing Machine

The Flex-O-Mix wet mixing machine is a versatile process technology that is capable of handling multiple applications including:

  • High moisture addition where a porous dispersible granule is the desired final product
  • Feeding multiple powders, and circumferentially arranged spray nozzles permit simultaneous injection of up to four different liquid streams
  • Mixing paddles can be adjusted to control mixing intensity and residence time
  • Hinged door access to the internal assembly allows for easy clean-up and maintenance

The Flex-O-Mix wet mixing machine is specifically designed to avoid the material buildup that often occurs when forming large particles from fine powders. Unlike conventional agglomeration machines, the Flex-O-Mix features a continuously deforming mixing chamber that keeps wetted particles from adhering to the chamber walls. In addition to preventing clogging, this action inhibits particulate over densification while yielding a more uniform particle with more consistent density, cohesiveness and solubility.

At Bepex, we are committed to developing the best industrial mixing systems with the right technology. Between our proven material processing equipment and decades of experience serving the industry, we are able to design a wet mixing machine that is right for you.

Image of materials processed in the Bepex Flex-O-Mix machine.