Image of the Bepex Extrud-O-Mix Extrusion Machine. Extrusion Machine

The Extrud-O-Mix extrusion machine is a unique technology that eliminates typical boundaries between mixing and agglomeration equipment.

  • Low-pressure mixing ideal for combining powders and liquids to produce a paste or dough
  • Mixing and forming are accomplished in one step, with multiple extrusion plate configurations for increased flexibility
  • Cantilevered rotor design keeps mechanical components out of the process for ease of maintenance and product cleanliness
  • Uses the minimum force necessary to obtain a dust free particle material with good particle integrity and excellent dispersibility
  • Optional jacketed design for tempering of the material during mixing

This efficient low pressure mixing and forming extruder can generate uniform, free flowing, dust free pellets or particles. The Extrud-O-Mix extrusion machines are primarily designed for combining dry powders with liquid streams to produce a paste or dough suitable for extrusion. However, with efficient continuous mixing, adjustable shear input, and heat transfer available in the housing and the rotor the application list becomes very diverse.

The Extrud-O-Mix extrusion system is one of several mixing technologies we employ to develop an industrial process system that meets your application requirements. At Bepex, we are committed to developing the best mixing systems using the right technology. Between our proven material processing equipment and decades of experience serving various industries, we are able to design the extrusion equipment that is right for you.

Image of numerous materials being processed together.