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Office lobby with plant and Bepex logo - Bepex
2020-09-15 by Eric

Bepex International, LLC Established

A group of senior management personnel active in the day to day operations of the company decided to…

rietz manufacturing aerial image from 1933 - Bepex International
2020-08-27 by Eric

Rietz Manufacturing – 1933

Originally found in 1933 as Process Machinery Company, and later renamed in 1949, Rietz Manufacturing Co. began by…

Komarek Greaves
2020-08-27 by Eric

Komarek Greaves – 1908

Founded in 1908, Komarek Greaves specialized in high pressure roll compactaction, designed for densification, granulation, and briquetting.

2020-07-02 by MillerMultimedia

Bepex Corporation Acquired

In 1992 the Bepex Corporation was acquired by Hosokawa Micron Group which held the company until 2004.

pulvocron row strong scott - bepex international
2020-07-02 by MillerMultimedia

Bepex Corporation

Seeing a unique opportunity to combine these complimentary process equipment companies, Berwind Corporation acquired all three brands, introducing…

strong scott manufacturing building image from 1906 - Bepex International
2020-07-02 by MillerMultimedia

Strong Scott Manufacturing Co – 1906

Founded in 1906, Strong-Scott Manufacturing provided continuous thermal, milling, and mixing equipment into a variety of industries. Uniquely…

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