Continuous short residence time mixing of liquids and solids

Problem: Our customer requires a short residence time, small footprint, high capacity mixer to continuously mix a heated viscous liquid stream with a low density solid. The low density solid must be thoroughly dispersed within the viscous liquid. The continuous mixing process requirements were met using the Bepex International RP style Disintegrator.

Process requirements

  • Liquid Capacity: 15,000 lbs/hr @ 200ºF
  • Solid Capacity: 2,000 lbs/hr @ 70ºF

The viscous liquid was sprayed into the Disintegrator as the solids were metered at the proper solids to liquid ratio. Due to the Disintegrator’s high rotor tip speed, the solids were instantly dispersed into the heated liquid stream. Inspection of the final product under a microscope confirmed the dispersion requirements were achieved with minimal particle damage.

Additional considerations included:

  • Sanitary / easily cleanable design
  • Ease of operation with minimal personnel oversight
  • Flexible design to allow for process parameter changes

Solution: The Bepex International RP-12 Disintegrator was utilized to create a continuous mixing process. The RP-12 was used with a positive displacement pump to meter the heated viscous liquid while a volumetric feeder delivered the low density solid into the feed chute. A homogeneous mixture of the two streams continuously flowed from the Disintegrator. Samples were collected and adjustments were made to the Disintegrator speed to achieve the desired product. This system will allow the customer to quickly adjust the process if there is a change in the solids density or moisture.

At Bepex’ Process Development Center, our RP-12 Disintegrator size reduction system was tested using the customer’s exact viscous liquid and low density solid. Since this is a full production scale, there is no need for scale up to production capacities.

Benefits and Results:

  • The customer’s continuous mixing process was automated
  • Accurate mixing was achieved using a positive displacement pump and a volumetric screw feeder
  • Small space requirements of the Disintegrator allow for ease of installation in the customer’s plant.
  • Quick change screens and adjustable rotor speeds allow for the continuous mixing of a wide range of products.
  • The customer was able to show his plant and maintenance personnel the full scale process system while testing at the Bepex International Pilot Plant.