Case Studies

Bepex specializes in manufacturing process improvement. We work directly with our customers to design process specific industrial equipment for a range of applications.

Our ability to supply a system that directly addresses the needs of a material process starting with bench-scale testing and on-going process optimization enables us to help every customer realize their industrial process potential.

Click on the titles below to review just a few detailed examples where our process engineering experience and flexible development center allowed us to supply a complete process system and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Consistent Dispersion Dryer Feeding of Wet Cakes and Pastes
Separation of Difficult to Grind Components in a Feed Stream
Polymer Solvent Drying
Process improvement by eliminating a hazardous, manual labor task
Continuous short residence time mixing of liquids and solids
Wheat Flour Pasteurization
Vacuum Assist Feed Systems For Roll Compactors
Granulating Spray Dried Powders
Coating Calcium Carbonate with Stearate
Solvent recovery to reduce hazardous waste
Turning Waste Food Fiber Into New Revenue Generating Products