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Up Your Broth Game with Continuous Pressure Cooking

One of the most critical factors in any broth production process is the cooking step. Batch cooking has long been the traditional method of choice for many broth producers, for both liquid and powder products. It is straightforward, easy to integrate, and easy to add capacity as the need arises. However, it is becoming clearer that making the switch to continuous pressure cooking can usher in a host of benefits that help improve production efficiency, product quality, and overall profitability.

Increased Production Efficiency

Unlike batch cooking, which requires the process to be started and stopped, continuous pressure cooking allows for a more consistent operation. This alone often dramatically increases the available capacity for a given footprint, while also minimizing the need for manual labor, freeing up staff to focus on more important tasks. This streamlines production, wasting less time while producing more.

Better Quality. Higher Safety.

By using a controlled, continuous, and consistent cooking process, you reduce the risk of variation in your final product. In batch cooking, it is not uncommon for the quality from one batch to another to vary, which can lead to upset customers who expect more consistency. In continuous operation, your greatly minimise the available variability, producing a more consistent final product.

By removing the higher touch points and handling often required in batch processing, you also greatly minimize the potential for contamination. The continuous pressure cooking process is a closed system, allowing for safer operation, protecting your product and your profits from potential spoilage.

Lower Energy Costs

Finally, when you put everything together, continuous pressure cooking delivers lower-cost operations and higher profitability. Your overall utility costs to produce the same capacity would be lower. The workforce required to operate the process would be smaller. And you typically need less equipment to operate a continuous process as compared to a batch operation. In fact, one continuous pressure cooker often takes the place of multiple batch cookers, saving you plant space and cost.

Let Us Help

We are experts in helping you convert your batch operation to continuous. Let’s discuss your current situation, and determine together the improvements you can expect.