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Sustainability is king these days, and any time you can reduce emissions, energy, and water use, it warrants investigation. We felt this, and continually heard the same story from our customers.

Saving water

Major manufacturers in the food and chemical space all shared the same story; they were having to add water to their solids, diluting it enough just to atomize it in a spray dryer. And if they weren’t diluting, they were exploring how they could mechanically remove moisture prior to thermal drying. The problem in both cases? There didn’t seem to be a competitive, scalable, and food-grade option on the market to dry the resulting non-pumpable solids.

Slurries, cakes, and pastes

We took this information and built an adaptation of a 40+ year old technology. It accepts non-pumpable solids as feed, with solids contents ranging from 20% to 80%. By removing the moisture in the feed before the dryer, we drastically lower the energy and utility requirements, while potentially reducing your water consumption.

Protects material

The flash drying technology protects your sensitive materials, only exposing them to high-tempertaures for seconds. High-evaporation rates deliver evaporative cooling, further protecting these solids by lowering the overall material temperatures.

It’s not hard to see the potential benefit, and we try to make it as easy as possible. After all, we believe we have a disruptive technology that improves the way we feed the world. We start with a simple discussion about your application. No obligations. No pressure.

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Discover your potential for emissions and utility reduction for your challenging drying application. A short discussion is typically all that is needed to find a better way to dry.