Bepex Introduces Fine Grinding for the Rubber Chopper


The Bepex Rubber Chopper is widely accepted in the industry for size reduction of full bales to a desired product size. Through a combination of low speed and high torque operating conditions, the unit produces particles of approximately 20-50mm. Low speed operation keeps product temperatures and process noise to acceptable levels. In most applications, this particle size is suitable and no further size reduction is required. In other cases, the process calls for a finer grind, roughly 3-10mm, which has historically called for a secondary grinding device.

To overcome this need for a two stage process, Bepex has developed the Granulator option for our Rubber Chopper technology. The Granulator is an independently driven cutter that replaces the conventional cutoff device located at the discharge orifice plate. Through a combination of rotor speed and screen size, the Granulator provides improved control over the final particle size distribution. The device is available with all new Rubber Chopper models in addition it can be simply retrofitted to work with installed machines in your existing industrial size reduction process.

For more information on the Granulator option, contact Bepex today.


Standard Cutoff Device    


Granulator Option

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