Bepex International LLC Introduces Wet Cake Feeder

Twin Screw FeederInconsistent delivery of wet or paste like materials has long been a problem in the food and chemical industries. Usually, this results in poor performance of an entire industrial process, leading to out of spec product or reduced capacity. In severe cases, downstream equipment becomes fouled or even plugged. The designs of conventional powder feeders are inadequate to handle wet cakes, resulting in increased maintenance and down time. The Bepex Wet Cake Feeder solves these problems.

The Wet Cake Feeder is a twin screw feeder, designed to directly couple with downstream process equipment, such as a Bepex Turbulizer Paddle Mixer. Material flow is ensured by independently drive agitators which are situated in the hopper above the feed screws. The feed screws are intermeshed to promote self-cleaning. The feeder operates in volumetric mode and both screws and agitators are variable speed for control. Heavy duty design ensures reliable operation.

The Wet Cake Feeder can receive material directly from belt or drum filters which normally require drying or further processing. Normally, discharge from these devices is not uniform, and the Wet Cake Feeder incorporates a sufficiently large hopper to even out the flow in the process. The design also allows the feeder to act as an airlock in the process.

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