Bepex International LLC Introduces the FlexTurb Mixer Agglomerator To Eliminate Process Material Build-up

FlexTurb 3D
Food producers and chemical processors struggle with product buildup on mixer or agglomerator walls when processing sticky materials. Buildup grows to the point of contacting the mixing paddles, resulting in increased power usage, wear on machine components and erratic operation resulting in an inconsistent process. The new Bepex FlexTurbulizer solves this problem and expands the range of use of continuous mixing technology.

The FxT is a horizontal medium to high intensity mixer incorporating a flexible chamber wall. The horizontal orientation of the shaft with adjustable paddles allows for controlled retention in the chamber, leading to more uniform mixing or growth of larger granules. The machine design creates continuous deformation of the wall, resulting in the release of any material build up. The Bepex engineered liquid delivery system directs wetting from the rotor toward the material bed avoiding liquid contact with the chamber walls.

The FxT is the perfect mixer for processing sticky material. “Many customers face problems due to material buildup on mixing chamber walls, resulting in extensive down-time”, says Joe McHale, Director of Sales. “The FlexTurb design eliminates this build up, resulting in more efficient and reliable operation.”

The FxT can be used as a free standing mixer or an agglomerating device. The resulting granules are resistant to breakdown in handling and are easy to disperse. Capacities range from pounds per hour to tons per hour. Bepex can design a process system around the FxT to meet your specific product requirements. For more information, contact Bepex International LLC today.