BePET Plastic Recycling Technology

Bepex continually searches for new answers to the customer problems, but we also look for opportunities to support our mission through global stewardship. The BePET plastic recycling technology system for decontamination of recycled PET bottles was created to do both. As the inventor of the first continuous SSP system for virgin polymer, our decades of experience polymer processing provided the foundation for creating a system to reuse the very material our global installations had produced.

The BePET plastic recycling technology system allows you to produce FDA flakes and control your product IV requirements – regardless of feed IV quality. The patent-pending vapor glycolysis design enables you to adjust IV up, down, or maintain at input level without loss of throughput. Best of all, the system does not require high-cost vacuum. With extrusion as an optional step, you can offer your customers with flake, pellets, or both.

Here are some of the benefits of the BePET plastic recycling technology system:

  • Flake-to-flake decontamination for bottle-to-bottle, other food-contact products, and industrial applications
  • FDA Letter of No Objection for 100% rPET content
  • Decontamination exceeds FDA guidelines for categories C through H
  • Product IV is controllable without loss of throughput for a broader range of applications
  • Proprietary design promotes uniform plug flow and minimizes the potential for short circuiting

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