Wheat Flour Alternatives

Milling Wheat Flour Alternatives

Wheat flour as well as its potential substitutes, specifically almonds and other nuts or seeds, continue to be a growing player in the consumer market. As more and more wheat flour alternatives are emerging as viable options, the need to process all portions of these foods effectively and safely is ever increasing. This can be wood flour or other material that is finely milled.  Refined wheat flour has a standard identity of 98% passing through 100 mesh that industry and consumers expect. Nut flours or pulse flours, such as those from dried peas or beans, provide higher protein and more fiber than refined or even whole wheat flour in some cases, making these attractive alternates for wheat flour in many recipes.

Traditionally, flour is processed using roller mills with many sifting and re-milling steps built-in and is not an efficient or cost effective option. Alternatively, nuts, seeds, beans and grains do not necessarily need this type of milling. Impact mills, such as the Bepex Pulvocron, are viable options in these milling applications.Image of the Bepex Pulvocron machine.

The Pulvocron is an air swept pulverizer that is an excellent choice for use in the fine grinding of nuts, seeds, beans and grains to produce flour substitutes. This air swept mill uses:

  • Multiple grinding zones
  • Variable rotor speeds
  • Solid liner options
  • Hammer configurations

These components allow for a vast array of set up options to individually suit each application and its desired outcome. Along with these standard items, there are no screens or external sifters needed. The use of internal classification allows for a one pass system to match or surpass the wheat flour standard of identity. Because the mill is air swept, the air outlet and product temperatures remain low and help avoid damaging, discoloring or cooking the material while milling. In addition to solely grinding, the Pulvocron is also capable of simultaneously drying as a secondary operation with the simple addition of a heat source to the air stream. This additional step can be highly effective at lowering the moisture content of the product to maintain or enhance product shelf life in regards to microbial propagation. The Pulvocron was designed with ease of use and maintenance along with options of sanitary finishes and connections suitable for food grade applications.

The Pulvocron is an essential unit in realizing the potential of whole foods in production. For processes where oils and fats are extracted from natural sources as is the case with almond or nuts, the Pulvocron can easily convert the remaining solids cake into other consumable product streams. These products are used mainly as wheat flour substitutes for bakery pre-mixes or for direct-to consumer foods.