Lithium Processing

Lithium Processing Equipment & Systems

Bepex International is a worldwide supplier of industrial process equipment and systems for the chemical and mineral industries. The ever increasing demand for lithium compounds requires innovative solutions for efficient processing. Whether the need is for fine ground material for battery use, granulation for metallurgical use, drying of press cakes or a combination of technologies, Bepex can offer a lithium processing system to fit your needs. Whether from brine or mine-based raw material sources, Bepex’s lithium processing systems deliver the required results.

Our lithium processing applications include:

  • PCX, a dispersion dryer is ideal for drying lithium carbonate filter cake
  • Roll compaction systems achieve efficient lithium carbonate granulation
  • Pulvocron, an air swept pulverizer technology, is used for lithium carbonate grinding
  • Fluid bed systems work well for lithium hydroxide drying

Our industrial process systems are proven in the lithium industry. The PCX Dispersion Dryer not only offers efficient drying, but provides pre-milling of the filter cake. This results in the generation of a chemical grade material directly from the dryer but also results in less energy consumption in subsequent milling steps. The Bepex Pulvocron is an air swept hammer mill with internal classification. This offers control over the final particle size distribution. In circumstances where the feed moisture is low, the Pulvocron system can function for both drying and milling.

Granulation through the use of roll compaction is well proven. Because of the high pressures involved, hard, dense granules are produced without the need for binders. It has been determined that a small amount of added moisture results in more efficient compaction. The moisture level is sufficiently small so that the product meets the specification of the industry. Through a simple change of screens and milling conditions, the final particle size is controlled.

All of these process technologies are available in the Bepex Process Development Center. Testing is conducted on full scale production equipment to insure a smooth transition from development to production and product quality is checked at every step of the process. You can rely on Bepex as a trusted partner for lithium granulation, drying or pulverizing.

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