Flour Heat Treatment Systems

Flour Heat Treatment Systems

Bepex is a worldwide supplier of flour heat treatment equipment and systems. We’ve designed innovative thermal processing systems for decades and now we bring that experience to the treatment of flour and other whole grains. Through the combination of multiple thermal operations our technology simplifies the treatment of flour for a broad range of applications including food-grade ingredients. We support the growing market need for whole grain processing technology and are committed to our customer’s ability to maximize the use of raw ingredients including pulses and grains through enhanced functionality.

Our flour treatment equipment and systems are used in a variety of applications:

  • Pasteurization – Increases food safety for RTE applications
  • Enzyme deactivation – Controls flavor impact and extends shelf life
  • Partial or full gelatinization – Offers enhanced functionality
  • Toasting – Enables flavor and color development
  • Roasting – Allows control of flavor and function

Based on thin film indirect heat processing, our Solidaire indirect paddle dryer provides process control in a compact system, customized for your heat treatment application requirements.

Process variables include:

  • indirect heating
  • direct steam injection
  • hydration
  • thermal drying
  • final sizing, finish milling or agglomeration
  • co-processing of ingredients, additives or modifiers

Starting from whole grain, final functional flour is produced, or individual flour components are processed for application-specific outcomes.

Bepex has designed reliable food processing equipment for decades and we have the experience to improve your flour processing operation. Contact us today for more information regarding your current or future grain or flour heat treatment needs.