Coconut Processing

Coconut Processing Equipment

Bepex International LLC is a worldwide supplier of process equipment and systems for the food processing industry. Among the area of interest is coconut processing. In today’s demanding coconut market, several products are extracted, including coconut water, milk, oil and coconut meat. Bepex coconut processing equipment is used in several areas of the process, including:

  • Crushing coconut meat prior to pressing using the Bepex Disintegrator
  • Pressing of crushed meat for milk separation using the Bepex S-Press
  • Further crushing of copra prior to drying and oil separation

Image of the Bepex RP Disintegrator.The first step in coconut processing is to separate the water from the nut. This is a simple process, accomplished by breaking the coconut and draining it. In order to collect the meat and coconut milk, it is necessary to first remove the outer husk. Once the husk is removed, the material can be conditioned for processing in the Bepex RP Disintegrator. The RP is an angled disintegrator that is designed with the rotor on an angle. By this design, the screen completely surrounds the hammer set, which results in double the screen area compared to a conventional hammer mill. The larger screen area results in greater capacity in a smaller unit.

The RP is a food grade unit, designed for easy access. By simply removing a clamping ring, the cover is removed for access to the grinding chamber for service or cleaning. The screen is easily removed without tolls and the hammers are keyed to the shaft. Various hammer configurations insure the proper design for the application. The machined and sealed bowl and cover interface insure a leak proof operation. Often, the RP Disintegrator is connected directly to the inlet of the S-Press.

Image of the S-Press, a dewatering screw press from Bepex.The Bepex S-Press is a dewatering screw press, designed for efficient separations of liquids from solids. The design allows for separations in three ways. The inlet area of the machine incorporates an open bottom section with a screen. Any loose liquid immediately drops through the screen into a collection pan.  Most of the dewatering takes place in the center portion of the device, in a specially designed screw.

The screw flights are designed to compress the material pressing out moisture. This zone incorporates fixed anvils to keep the screw flights clean. A full circle screen surrounds the screw insuring maximum dewatering. Material discharged from the screw is resisted by a cone shaped screen plate for final dewatering. The cone plate is held into place by pressure cylinders and the pressure is controllable.

Sold materials discharge from the press can be further processed for food, feed or for oil removal. In the copra process, material is dried prior to final pressing to remove oil. Copra is the dried meat of the coconut used to extract coconut oil. The drying process is greatly facilitated by the use of the Bepex RD Disintegrator. The RD is an industrial disintegrator machine that is used extensively in grinding the material prior it introduction of expellers and presses.

rd-12-003The RD Disintegrator incorporates a heavy duty design using a vertically oriented grinding shaft. The vertical orientation allows for a full circle screen, giving greater screen area in a smaller machine. Another benefit of this design is that it allows for separations of foreign material. While the processed material passes through the sizing screen, hard to grind material passes through the length of the hammer set and falls into a secondary discharge where it is removed.

The RD Disintegrator is designed for ease of access for cleaning and maintenance.

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