Solidaire – Paddle Dryer System

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Solidaire – Paddle Dryer System

Image of the Bepex Solidaire Paddle Dryer System.

The Solidaire paddle dryer system is a continuous, thin-film paddle-dryer that provides extremely efficient thermal treatment.

  • High speed paddles break up lumps and loose agglomerates for uniform thermal treatment
  • Paddles can be adjusted to control residence time
  • Sweep gas is used to inert the environment and promote additional drying
  • Patented Jet Rotor design can continuously inject steam directly into your product for additional treatment
  • Optional clamshell body design provides quick access for clean-out and paddle adjustment

A series of adjustable-pitch paddles spin at high speeds to keep the material in constant, agitated contact with the heat transfer wall. For heat-sensitive materials, the short residence time provides fast, efficient drying while keeping control of your product temperature. Similar to the Bepex Torusdisc, the capacities for this paddle dryer system can range from a few hundred kilograms per hour to multiple tons per hour.

The Solidaire paddle dryer system is just one of our thermal technologies we employ to develop an industrial process system that meets your application requirements. At Bepex, we are committed to developing the best thermal process systems with the right technology. Between our industry-proven equipment and decades of experience serving the industrial process market, we will design a paddle dryer system that is right for you.

Image of materials after going through a paddle dryer.