S-Press – Dewatering Screw Press

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S-Press – Dewatering Screw Press

Image of the Bepex S-Press machine. The S-Press dewatering screw press is compact and offers high throughput, continuous-operation designed for dewatering a wide range of food and other solids. Materials that tend to pack, or are otherwise considered un-pressable, are not a challenge for the S-Press. With three points of separation, this screw press dehydrator will maximize output and recovery.The S-Press dewatering screw press is a process specific machine that offers:

  • High-capacity, sanitary press for continuous dewatering and juicing of food and fiber products
  • Independently driven rotor and regulated cone section provides instantaneous pressure regulation to give just the right squeeze to the material
  • Split-screen basket and two-piece screen design allow for easy cleaning and maintenance

The S-Press is just one technology we employ to develop an industrial process system that meets your application requirements. As a leading dewatering screw press manufacturer, we are committed to developing the best process with the right technology. Between our industry-proven equipment and decades of experience serving the industrial process market, we will design a system that is best for you.

Image of materials processed in the Bepex S-Press machine.