RD Disintegrator Machine

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RD Disintegrator Machine

Image of the Bepex RD Disintegrator Machine. The RD Disintegrator Machine employs a bolted, 360 degree screen which surrounds a series of either fixed or swing hammers pinned to a series of rotor flanges.

  • Rugged, versatile design gives outstanding performance in dry pulverizing, wet grinding, and high-moisture shredding applications
  • Heavy-duty, one-piece body design for trouble-free, continuous operation in demanding applications
  • Disintegration-resistant and tramp materials are separated from product through an optional differential discharge
  • Screen and hammers are easily and quickly removed to allow rapid replacements of wear items with minimum downtime

The RD Disintegrator Machine is capable of wet and dry grinding, shredding of difficult-to-grind materials, dispersing, pulping, chipping, and separation of hard-to-grind fractions. Similar to our other Disintegrator models, numerous screen and hammer configurations are available to deliver the final material results you need.

The RD Disintegrator is  one of several size reduction technologies we employ to develop an industrial process system that meets your application requirements. Bepex is a disintegrator manufacturer that is committed to developing the best size reduction systems.. Between our industry-proven equipment and decades of experience serving the industrial process market, we will design a system that is right for you.

Image of a disintegrated material.